Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Couple: New River Valley, Christiansburg VA Photography- Mary and Heath

I played the piano at their wedding, he played the guitar at mine. I've known his family for years, she was a sweet co-worker of mine. These two were so fun to photograph- Heath looks at her with such adoring eyes, and Mary lights up in complete happiness glowing in her smile everytime her eyes meet his. Thank you so much, Mary and Heath,  for letting me capture your happiness and loving relationship!! (and thank you for the cupcakes, Mary!! They were ridiculously good... I just had one for lunch :)

And I'll end with my favs...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kiddo: Milo

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Props and Such

I love photography that includes interesting props such as chairs, mirrors, toys, etc. I acquired the rocking chair below from the upstairs hoard of the antique store in downtown Christiansburg. It had layers of chipped paint in white and green hues. With a little sanding and a couple of cans of spray paint, this beauty is ready to be used in some fun portraits:

In other news, my sweet little Milo fell asleep in the bathtub last night... the only place he ever lies still long enough to fall asleep on his own!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Family: Down Home Fun

This weekend I did some shots of my kiddos at our home. The good thing about having 5 kids is that I'm never short a model when I want to take some pictures!
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The field beside our house is a great setting for casual family photos.
Taylor Grace steals the show with her beautiful eyes...