Saturday, December 31, 2011

Racing to the New Year

I forgot to mention yesterday that my incredibly romantic date last night, the one where we were glad to just have some peace and quiet even if it included Crocs at Big Lots, actually began with an argument about potty time. I'm not talking about potty training or a problem with one of our kiddos, I was nagging the Mister about the fact that he spends a good half hour in the bathroom every morning and at any other point in the day that his little heart desires. I, on the other hand, am lucky if I get to go to the bathroom alone much less for more that 30 seconds. Has a man ever had to do his business with a baby sitting on his lap or pulling up on his knees? I didn't think so. The times that I do get to "go" alone, without fail- some kid is knocking on the door. Often, it is just to say "I love you mom!" or "Milo is knocking for you" - mind you, Milo is seven months old! Oh well. I guess the Mister was hearing what I was saying, that sometimes a mom just needs to catch a break!! I don't need a man in a sexy car...

I mean, it's hot enough when I'm the driving this car, with three fifths of our kids, looking like the clown car from the circus where the kids just keep rolling out as I pull up to the school drop off...

I need Mrs. Doubtfire!! A babysitter, a cook, and a cleaner!!

And that's what I got today... Thank you for letting me sleep in while you drove the baby around for his nap, cleaned the kitchen, made me a scrumptious dinner complete with a homemade pie! I don't know why men don't get that that will get me to "hold your hand" or "scratch your back" faster than anything else will!!

You asked me to marry you on this night three years ago, and what a ride it has been. I hope 2012 will bring us many more memories and tons more smiles.                                                                                   

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  1. Hi---looking for a photographer for family reunion near Fort Fisher/Kure Beach NC. We would want the big group (25 people) and several smaller groups (individual families, grandkids and grandparents,etc...). We want the pictures on the beach. We want the digital rights. We want very little photoshopping (if any) done. I got your name from Katie Isom Brodniak ( a friend of your sisters). How much would this be? Caould you do it. How far away do you live from Fort Fisher? etc... It would be July 22-26 (so one of those days)2012.